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Bad Ass Cakes

Absolutely delicious. The best birthday cake EVER.

Thank you, Barbara xxx. (Toni).

Oh my goodness, I can't believe it. Thank you so so much. (Beverly).

I can't believe you actually made that. It's amazing! (Fraizer, Crystal Palace FC).

I thought my crazy friend had real Ice Cream sitting on the table! Awesome. Well done Bad Ass Cakes.

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Wow. I never imagined our wedding cake would look like this. It is so much better than I thought it would be. Thanks so much. (Stephen from Brighton)

Absolutely amazing! Thank you so much, that's incredible :)

Your cakes were amazing, all my guests enjoyed them!

The Jamaican rum, wow!

Thank you so much. (Sanyukta Shrestha multi award winning ethical bridal wear designer).

Design 9 - 3

Your cakes are so delicious, thank you! My daughter loved her birthday cake - again (Sally).

That's delicious! Your brownie is the absolute best.

Wow. (Annabel)

I come to see you for your Jamaican Rum Cake - theres nothing like it, it makes my weekend.

(Market customer Brook Green.)

The best chocolate cake I have EVER tasted. Ever! (Dan)

Arina 8, “your banana bread is scrumptiously delicious!”